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Join TDI Directors, Aidan Muth and Jennah Paron for a good feel Contemporary Combo Collab Class as we end our summer of 2022 programming! Aidan and Jennah are thrilled to share their passion and love of dance with you. Registration is open! Limited spots available. 

About Aidan and Jennah 

Aidan and Jennah have been classmates, colleagues and close friends for the past nine years. They began their dance careers together in 2013 and started their business partnership in 2019. They have shared the stage in a variety of performing arts venues throughout the years. Aidan and Jennah share a passion for organization and administrative work, which allowed them to lead a variety of events and projects around their local dance community and was the key motivator in starting Day of Dance, the stepping stone to get to The Dance Initiative.

Among the duo, Aidan and Jennah's list of experience is extraordinary and stems from many professional jobs, teaching certifications, training programs, degrees, workshops/intensives and more.

Classes with Aidan and Jennah are dynamic, challenging, and joyful. They consider themselves a high-functioning collaborative team and pride themselves in their work that is centred around the well being and growth of their dancers.

Aidan and Jennah hope to inspire dancers to take action and reignite a genuine belief in themselves, and their abilities as young artists. The duo encourages all dancers to pursue their initiative into developing their own path to success.

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