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Artists in Action

Artists in Action (AIA) is a sessional program geared towards advanced competitive dancers while preparing for their competition season. Dancers will work alongside up-in-coming local choreographers, and fellow dancers from Alberta to put on a live show at the end of the program using the tools and choreography they have learnt throughout the program. AIA stands out because of it’s emphasis on high-performance dance training while connecting with the Albertan dance community.


Photo: Alecia Hack

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AIA Program Overview



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Artists In Action is a residency program allowing advanced competitive dancers to push themselves to the limit.

TDI intends on running AIA programming during weekend evenings so that dancers can still attend typical training hours at their home studio. This mock program schedule gives studio/organization owners an idea of how the AIA program could run at their studio. Scheduling is flexible depending on the host location’s availability of time and space.

Dancers will experience an intensive training schedule that requires them to train during long nights, and memorize/clean choreography in a short period of time.

Additional program features: student choreography opportunities, goal setting, establishing community connections, expertise from new dance educators/choreographers, and social media management.

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