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Aidan Muth

Co-Director | Instructor

Aidan Muth Headhsot-1.jpg

Aidan Muth is a Canadian-born professional dancer, actor, and choreographer. For fourteen years, he has trained extensively in jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, tap, musical theatre, hip-hop, and partnering/lifts. He is fortunate to have spent time in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to develop his diverse training. Aidan’s experience has led him to work in the professional industry On-Stage and on TV/Film. His film credits include “Julie and The Phantoms,” directed by Kenny Ortega and Paul Becker, “Good Morning Mattress,” a commercial directed by Eric Morrison, “The Sorrow,” a horror film directed by Thomas Affolter, and more. He has also performed on stage in a variety of professional productions such as “The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree,” Disney’s “Newsies,” and “Rock of Ages.” Aidan was a featured dancer for the Vancouver Canucks Entertainment Team and has also travelled while dancing with Terell Edwards on “The Unforgettable Tour.”  


Currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Aidan takes every opportunity to work/collaborate with and learn/train from industry professionals. He is diligent about taking classes every chance he gets and is grateful to be training under the mentorship of Breanna English and Christian Lagasse’s PLATFORM The Collective Career Management Program. In addition to Aidan's training and performance career, he is passionate about sharing his love of artistry with his students in the community. Co-launching his business, The Dance Initiative, in 2020, he provides unique, exclusive, and innovative freelance dance programming to Western Canadian dancers, as well as a high-caliber elite training program for advanced competitive dancers.


Outside of the dance industry, Aidan holds a Diploma in Business Administration. His prominent educational background, blended with his robust performing experience, enables him to stand out in the industry because of his consistent professional development, allowing him to act as a business professional and leader within the industry. 


Aidan belongs on the stage, and his dreams have become a reality in the entertainment industry. His success has come with a combination of passion, hard work, tenacity, and grit, and he is grateful for every opportunity to create and perform with others. Aidan remains eager and ambitious to influence and inspire the next generation of industry leaders and is excited to continue to grow, move, and create with others throughout his artistic career.

Jennah Paron

ADAPT/PBT Certified, CanFit Pro FIS

Co-Director | Instructor

Jennah Paron's career in the dance industry has evolved into an abundant balance of performing opportunities, managerial roles, higher education, choreographing, and teaching. Jennah's love for dancing began in September 2012, and she has trained extensively in jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, contemporary, tap, hip hop, and jazz-funk. Jennah is honoured to have represented Team Canada West at the IDO World Championships for ballet, jazz, and modern, in Poland, in December of 2017. In 2020, Jennah signed her first of two annual contracts with Motives Dance Company in Edmonton. Amidst the pandemic, the company took numerous opportunities to further their training, choreography and teaching skills, and expand their performance repertoire.  

Passionate about learning and teaching, Jennah began to participate in various professional development opportunities across Canada. Her credentials include ADAPT Dance Teacher's Certification, Progressing Ballet Technique Certification, and CanFit Pro Certified Group Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification. Her academic knowledge makes her stand out in the dance industry. In December of 2022, Jennah completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sports, Recreation and Tourism with a sports management minor. Her educational background includes an in-depth study of sport/recreation sociology, psychology, and kinesiology. Jennah's post-secondary education has allowed her to take courses such as: advanced topics in the profession of coaching, the study of dance for children, philosophy of leisure, adapted physical activity, and more! Currently, Jennah is Volleyball Canada's Women's National team coordinator. This role has allowed for her to travel across the globe for the Volleyball Nations League, and experience the sport at the highest international level. She oversees the success of professional athletes domestically, and overseas as they pursue the Olympic dream while wearing the maple leaf.  She believes her passion for sport, physical activity and dance thrives because of her post-secondary education.

With many years of dance industry-related administrative and teaching experience under her belt, and the ability to apply her scholarly knowledge, Jennah co-launched The Dance Initiative in 2020. The Dance Initiative has allowed for Jennah and her business partner Aidan to take action in the dance community and bring together dancers from across the province of Alberta for shows, workshops, and masterclasses. Currently living in Vancouver, Jennah and Aidan keep a close connection to students, colleagues, and competition owners in both Alberta and British Columbia. Outside of the studio, Jennah can be found watching sports documentaries with a fresh bowl of popcorn!

Jennah believes that dancing builds confidence, promotes creativity, and brings meaningful joy to others. She hopes to continue exploring the many aspects of the dance industry from an administrative, performance, and leadership standpoint.  


McKayla Smith



McKayla Smith began dancing at the age of four, and trained in Sherwood Park taking classes in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap and musical theatre. She fell in love with dance the very first time she stepped out on stage. “There’s something about performing for an audience that I am fully captivated by;  the feeling that I get while doing so is something that I never want to lose.” McKayla trained with Vimy’s Dance program and was a part of Edmonton Contemporary Dancers (ECD). While at Vimy, McKayla strengthened her performance qualities, technique and choreographic voice. McKayla’s choreography credits include a self choreographed solo, a piece for ECD, and a piece performed for the 2019 Alberta School Board of Trustees Remembrance Day ceremony.

McKayla decided to continue to explore her passion for dance with Ryerson University's BFA Dance program. Throughout McKaylas dance career she has won multiple scholarships and awards including, Broadway Dance Centre Scholarship, Senior High Contemporary Dance Award (x2), Edmonton Public Schools District Award in Fine Arts and the Alberta Dance Educators Association Scholarship. McKayla has had the opportunity to train in Zürich, Switzerland, New York City, California and Toronto.

“Dance is a universal language that I would like to stay fluent in for the rest of my life.” - McKayla Smith

Kayleigh Oliver


Kayleigh Oliver began dancing at the young age of two at a dance school in southeast Scotland and still remembers her first time ever stepping on stage and in front of an audience as a baby ballerina. Once she moved to Canada, Kayleigh trained extensively in ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, acro, tap, hip hop, and musical theatre at Center Stage School of Dance in Mississauga, Ontario. Throughout her competitive dance career, Kayleigh had the honour of receiving many overall high score and best in style awards and was awarded multiple scholarships from both conventions and competitions with invitations to Los Angeles, New York City, and Orlando. 


Kayleigh’s formal ballet training also allowed her to complete examinations in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi with honours and highly commended results. Kayleigh is very proud to have represented Team Canada East at the International Dance Organization (IDO) World Championships for ballet, jazz, and modern dance, in Poland, in December 2015. 


Kayleigh attended the Regional Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School in Ontario for four years where she trained exclusively in ballet and modern dance, particularly the Limón and Graham techniques. During this time Kayleigh had the opportunity of being taught by dance professionals from The Julliard School, Joffrey Ballet School, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, and Toronto Dance Theatre. 


Kayleigh then continued her passion for dance whilst achieving her Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree at McMaster University as a member of the Mac Dance Recreational Team. Kayleigh was also a choreographer for the Mac Dance Recreational Team for two years in both acro and hip hop styles. 


Currently, Kayleigh is a Student Recruiter at the University of Alberta and takes weekly classes at Motives Dance and Fitness in Edmonton. She attributes many of her personal and professional successes in life to her upbringing in the dance world and is enthusiastic and passionate about welcoming dancers into the environment that allowed her to develop her personality, confidence, and determination.

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