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Introducing...Artists in Action

We're a short 26 days away from our 2022 Artists in Action Show!

Tickets are available now for The Dance Initiative Presents: Perfect is Perception!

As show promotion is just beginning, we wanted to give some insight about the Artists In Action program...the "how" , the "why", and the "where we're going".

TDI's Artists in Action program and showcase coincides significantly with the ambitions and passions of co-directors Aidan Muth and Jennah Paron. As young dancers, Aidan and Jennah consistently sought out elite opportunities for training and performance in the Edmonton dance community. With shared ambitions of running a dance studio since they were in high-school, Aidan and Jennah have stayed together and stayed consistent with their pursuit of business ownership and elite, community minded business conduct.

Aidan and Jennah believe in the importance of balancing elite training with recreational activity, especially in the arts and dance community; this is how Artists in Action came to fruition. Artists in Action (AIA) allows dancers across Alberta to come together and work with our accredited faculty while building connections within the dance community, and training at an elite level in order to put together a full showcase performance in only seven weeks. TDI directors strive to ensure dancers are committed to their home dance studio training, while complimenting the learning that occurs at AIA rehearsals. Dancers are carefully selected for this program based on their dance community involvement, positive attitude, and exceptional talent and dance ability.

Committed to innovation and ensuring unique experiences through their programming, TDI directors hope that AIA remains a frequent program opportunity for dancers for many years to come.

Program Goals:

  1. Artists in Action dancers will be provided a unique opportunity to build strong connections with Albertan choreographers, leaders, and other dancers. After this program, they will recognize their teammates in the Albertan dance community and be able to establish a positive connection with them for many years to come, as colleagues.

  2. The Albertan dance community will benefit because Artists in Action will bring together studio owners, artistic professionals, and leaders in the dance community to support these artists at our showcase. Exposing these dancers, leaders, and community members to new choreography and programming will keep the community connected and inspired. Through the pandemic, performance/programming opportunities have been scarce. We are excited to bring dancers together again!

  3. An occasionally problematic area of the dance community is the desire for dancers to train exclusively at their home dance studio. With programs like Artists in Action, we can break free from exclusive barriers and provide Alberta's dancers an opportunity to work with new people, and experience new things that will further benefit their training and personal development, no matter where they go. TDI seeks to support local dance schools - we wouldn't be where we are without our home studios.

  4. TDI directors hope to change the face of high performance dance training by using their very unique combination of skills and education. Directors represent two different avenues of post-secondary education in business/entrepreneurship and sport/recreation management which allows directors to approach the Albertan dance community with a unique grit, and one-of-a-kind bank of knowledge and ideas.

We are proud to introduce you to this year's Artists in Action dancers, representing the following studios:

  • Brooklyn Stenberg - Make Your Mark Dance

  • Haileigh Feduniak - Pirouette School of Dance Society

  • Lilly Goetz - Beaumont Society School of Dance

  • Ryker Sargent - Make Your Mark Dance

  • Sarah Ettinger - Beaumont Society School of Dance

  • Teagan Woloschuk - Dance Co.

We are tremendously proud of these six dancers and sincerely hope that you are able to join us on Saturday March 26th, at 6:00PM to celebrate the hard work of these six dancers.

We welcome you to join us! Grab your tickets for the 2022 Artists in Action Show, Perfect is Perception, on March 26th at 6:00 PM.


The desire to understand and come to terms with emotions, actions, and new understandings. Perfect is Perception allows you to create your own story, based on the stories that these dancers are telling.

A situation, a relationship, a picture, a memory...will never be perfect. Instead, we strive to perfect the art of seeing and taking in our surroundings; the art of considering our perception of self, more than we consider the perception of others. The Dance Initiative's 2022 Artists in Action Dancers proudly present, Perfect is Perception.

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