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  • Relaxed fit and timeless style
  • Unisex size
  • Hand cut and sewn by Canadians using deadstock and organic cotton


TDI is so excited to collaborate with Last Shot Apparel for our merchandise this summer!


Last Shot Apparel specializes in eco-friendly promotional apparel for events, nonprofits, clubs, companies, and more. The company adopts eco-friendly practices through its sourcing and production methods. Specifically, they focus on reusing and repurposing materials to reduce waste and their environmental impact. One of the ways Last Shot Apparel achieves eco-friendliness is by collaborating with major fashion and fabric brands that have excess and unused fabric. These brands often have hundreds of meters of fabric left over due to reasons such as overstock or discontinued styles. Rather than allowing this fabric to go to waste, Last Shot Apparel takes it and transforms it into promotional apparel.By utilizing dead-stock fabric in their production, Last Shot Apparel contributes to the reduction of textile waste and the conservation of resources. This approach not only benefits the environment but also promotes a more sustainable fashion industry.Additionally, if they are unable to fulfill an order using dead-stock fabric, Last Shot Apparel offers a greener alternative—100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to conventional cotton.Overall, Last Shot Apparel's commitment to using reclaimed fabrics and organic cotton demonstrates their dedication to being eco-friendly and promoting sustainability within the promotional apparel industry.


Please note that these items will be delivered at the Central Albertan Day of Dance Event. To keep a low inventory, we only have a select few sizes available. Can't find your size?! We are also offering pre-order! (Pre-orders will be shipped to the individual following the event.)

TDI Logo Tee

Excluding GST/HST
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